The interest in the Typaldos method has increased dramatically since the death of its founder Dr Stephen Typaldos (D.O.) as the result of a large number of fascinated doctors and therapists. Therefore, we like to briefly introduce the initiator, Stephen Typaldos (25 March 1957 – 5 April 2006), to you.

Stephen Typaldos D.O.

Stephen Typaldos D.O.

Typaldos was born and grew up in Southern California. He studied at the University of California at Riverside and at the University of Health Sciences at the College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kansas City. He developed and enhanced his Fascial Distortion Model while working in the hospital emergency room and also in his own practices in California, Texas and Maine.

Apart from his commitment to the treatment of painful injuries to the musculoskeletal system, Typaldos had several other interests not related to medicine. He wrote five musical plays and had, as director and producer, two of them performed in Maine. He also enjoyed playing baseball, hunting, studying reptiles and collecting fossils, and he was interested in politics and history.

He was popular with his patients who saw him as a friendly, compassionate, brilliant, and humble person. One patient wrote on an American condolence page posted on the internet: “He had a heart of gold and an interesting sense of humour. He cared for his patient and felt committed to them. He wanted them to feel well and never give themselves up. He was unique and a character. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to be a small part of his life.“

Stephen Philip Typaldos, the inventor of the Fascial Distortion Model, died aged 49 of a heart attack in a hospital in Maine.

Typaldos' pioneering work in the field of fascial distortion is well documented and, even after his death, constantly attracting new followers – among practitioners and patients alike. However, Typaldos left worldwide only a small group of experts, teaching his method in the way he wanted. In Europe, this is Doctor Georg Harrer from the Vienna School of Osteopathy.

Matthias Fink

Typaldos' Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) at the Hannover Medical School (MHH)

The teaching activities of Prof Dr Matthias Fink (Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, MHH) include selected methods of complementary medicine. Through numerous scientific studies in the field of complementary medicine, Prof Fink has developed an extensive information network since 2004. Discussions, congress and seminar attendances have provided new ideas and the evaluation of new therapeutic diagnosis and treatment options in the field of complementary medicine.

The contact with the Vienna School of Osteopathy, and there to the Typaldos expert Dr Georg Harrer was so convincing that a clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of FDM for the treatment of shoulder conditions evolved from this collaboration. The study showed that FDM therapy was significantly superior to classical MT therapy. Further clinical studies on acute back pain and headache are currently being conducted.

In 2010, the AIM-Collegium Switzerland initiated with the master-class of FDM teachers new FDM advanced training series for physicians and therapists in several Europe countries. Since then, the largest FDM community in the world evolved from this collaboration through numerous advanced training events.

“Enjoy your success with FDM!” (Stephen Typaldos)