The FDM training programme: our experience – your benefit!

Our teaching approach is highly interactive and hands-on. Evaluations throughout the seminar on many different aspects of the FDM Principles and Practices will be administered by our team. These evaluations not only assist in quality control, but will also ensure that you have instant feedback to questions you may have, as the seminar progresses.

  • Top Instructors!
    With our team, you will be trained by the “world-Class” of FDM instructors
  • Best Participant /Instructor Ratio:
    Max. 6-8 participants / instructor.
    This means up to 50 percent more practical training compared to other training courses!
  • Optimal course materials
    Comprehensive manuscript + standard manual on the Fascial Distortion Model according to S. TYPALDOS
  • Optimal learning approach with Blended-Learning
    The modern combination of face-to-face teaching and e-learning
  • Complimentary access to our e-learning platform
  • Inexpensive information leaflets for your patients
  • No examination fees
  • Complimentary listing in the FDM Practitioner Registry

Who is this training aimed at? Professional groups:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Doctors (MD, DO, DC)

Duration of Basic and Advanced Courses

The FDM programme of AIM-Collegium is divided into two levels:

  • Basic level (Level-1) comprises altogether 80 training units (20 TUs á 45min) per weekend (Friday – Sunday)
  • Advanced level (Level-2) comprises altogether 80 training units (20 TUs á 45min ) per weekend (Friday – Sunday)

Written-practical examination:

Written exam: Multiple Choice Test (1hour / 30 questions + video-analysing of pain body language)
Practical exam: Analysing the pain code of live-patients, sample-treatments.

For what is this seminar series of the AIM College acknowledged?

The AIM College‘s "Stephen Typaldos Fascial Distortion Model (FDM)" curriculum fully complies with the guidelines of the European FDM Association (EFDMA) Advanced Studies Programme.
This curriculum forms the basis for being awarded the “FDM therapist“ Advanced Studies Certificate of the AIM-Collegium (all therapeutic areas) and the EFDMA (physiotherapists and physicians).

“Enjoy your success with FDM!” (Stephen Typaldos)