Training assessment by participants

The following ratings were obtained using the evaluation tool which is based on the specifications of the Medical Association of Lower Saxony. The results are the ratings of at least 90% of all course participants of the entire training course. The analysis includes the evaluations from 2008 to 2017. During this period, the scores of our Typaldos' courses and practical training events reflect the opinion of approximately 150-200 participants per training year.

Questionnaire and rating (grade 1 to 6: On a grading scale from 1 = "excellent" to 6 = "insufficient")

1) Was the event well structured (content, topic)? 1,80
2) Has the event achieved the stated learning objective? 1,85
3) How relevant do you think is the event for your pursued professional activity? 1,30
4) Did the event teach you something new? 1,45
5) Was the time allowed adequate for the event’s topic? 1,87
6.1) How would you rate the event’s organisation (announcement, date and time, information, technique, support...)? 1,75
6.2) How would you rate the venue? 1,75
7) What is your overall rating of the level of the event? 1,70
8) Has the event motivated you to undertake further self-studies to deepen the topics discussed? 1,80
Mean Grade: 1,70

“Enjoy your success with FDM!” (Stephen Typaldos)